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Jan 6, 2012

Drug Bust or A Case of Self Defence

Does the below paragraph sound familiar???????

The team serving the search warrant involved officers from the Weber-Morgan Narcotics Strike Force. The force's website says the unit is made up of officers from the Weber County Sheriff's Office, local police departments and the federal Drug Enforcement Agency.
Remember Jose Guereno?

And now for the rest of the story.

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A shooting in Ogden that killed an officer and wounded five other drug task force members and a suspect was sparked when officers tried to search the house where the suspect apparently lives, authorities said Thursday at a news conference.

Stewart suffered injuries that are not life threatening, though it's unclear if he was shot. He is in a hospital under guard.

"It's a very, very sad day for Ogden," said Ogden Police Chief Wayne Tarwater.
Authorities said the conditions of the others officers range from serious to critical.

The officers went to the house Wednesday evening intending to search it as part of an drug-related investigation. When there was no answer, they entered and were fired upon.
And another example of the type & skill set of shooting that the police have.  That once a year qual type of skills.  Even for the SWAT team. LOL :)  I wonder how many rounds they sprayed?  My guess is that they each empties their mags with VERY minimal effect.

From what I have read online, all I can find is that they were serving a drug search warrant.  No mentions if any were actually found.


  1. Like you said yesterday, as I remember, why didn't they just wait until he left the house? A few more like these and they may wake up. Shades of Waco.

  2. The Police State is here, my man. Welcome to Amerika! :)