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Jan 21, 2012

David & Goliath-UPDATE

1/22/12-The oldest came home yesterday and showed us picture she took of the test in the "geography" class.  She held fast and did not answer the questions on islam.

  • What are the 5 pillars of islam?
  • What is the difference between sunni & shia sects?
  • What place do muslims go to once in their life?
  • What is this called?
If these type religious questions are taking place, they a far above the minimum requirement from the state.  Why doesn't Christianity get equal billing?  You know the answer.

Resist, fight, do anything. But do not sit quietly.


    We felt like David back in the Old Testament when he came face to face with Goliath.  This past week my wife and I have been locked in combat with the local school district.

    My oldest daughter, who is a freshman, was doing some homework last weekend and she asked me what the 5 pillars of islam were.  That's right.  This was for her AP Geography class along with 4 other questions regarding islam.  No questions like this for Christianity.

    We blew a gasket.  My wife told her not to answer the questions and she sent a scathing letter to the "coach" teacher.  Tuesday she came home and said that basically he mocked us said and we were stupid for this.  Oh, and the questions would be in the new "EOC" tests.  These are the new finals for kids in Texas so they can go to the next grade.

    Next she sent out a prayer request/info email to our contacts.  Some were teachers that agreed with us.  The next day I spoke with the principal,  who agreed with me that it was wrong.  But what could she do...It was on the state curriculum.  Pass the buck...My hands are tied....Sorry, nothing I can do....yada.....yada....yada.

    Below is the state says the school must teach.
    17 (B)
    describe major world religions, including animism, Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, and Sikhism, and their spatial distribution; Supporting Standard
    Yesterday I went with my wife to the district WMA meeting (Baptist Womens Missionary Auxiliary).  There she put it out for a prayer request.  Those ladies literally gasped when she said that "our" schools were teaching islam, but not Christianity.

    By the time we made it home, there was a call from a local very influential family matriarch.  she had already heard about it from the WMA ladies and wanted to find out directly from my wife.  She was fired up about this.  One of her immediate family is a school board member and didn't know about this.

    One of her closing comments was "we'll see about this".

    After this I decided to contact my state rep just to see how this battle could go.  I spoke to the office manager in Dayton.  she was shocked and we discussed some of this.  She was concerned and after speaking to the rep would get back in touch with me.  Her comments were we are a very conservative district and this is BS.

    So as the day dawns, we will see what new battle presents it self.  But we will not back down on this.

    Christians, patriots, you know who you are; we must not give concessions anymore.  We have did this for many years.  NO MORE.  we must stand for what we believe in.  Fight for our Rights from the God.  Not let our children be corrupted by the scum that roams the halls of education and indoctrinates them.

    One seed.  One person.  Water it and it will grow.


    1. Goliath it is. No doubt this "requirement" is a string tied to federal dollars. Too damn many of those strings attached, like "you'll get your highway dollars IF you mandate seat belt use", which of course is not for your "protection" but capitulation to big insurance companies (campaign donors) who make more profit when you don't turn yourself into a greezy spot on the highway... It's ALWAYS about the money...

    2. I can think of a few good responses, One would be write a blistering paper on the evil, wicked, demented, sadistic, barbaric religion of Islam, and find a way for all to read it.
      Another response could be turn their own argument against them and say you do not want the school promoting a religious theology OR ask them if they are setting a precedent which will allow all religions including Christianity to be openly and freely taught in schools.
      Suggest they have a Muslim Cleric, a Jewish Rabbi, and a Baptist preacher come talk the the class about their beliefs.
      If the school insists on their course demand to know why Muslim teachings are being forced on your kids and Christian views are ignored.
      Contact any media who will listen, they love a good story.

      1. Thanks Duke. These are steps I have taken. The only one is I haven't contacted the media yet.

        That argument is the one I threw out. You are teachings the doctrines if islam, but but the 10 Commandments, the place where Christianity was founded, the different denominations, etc.

    3. Replies
      1. I would love to homeschool. But alas I or my wife do not have the patience. There are a couple of private Christian schools in the area, but they are $600/mo. No-Go there.

        So, we will fight the battle in our face.

    4. Good job, Rich! When our kids were young, we chose to homeschool them and have never regretted it. It's not an option for everyone, but it's something to think about.

    5. Proud that you are sticking to your guns on this. All my kids have been thru the school system but it's my grandkids that are in the system now. Believe me when I say we raised great kids and they are not standing for any of this BS. They are fighting this as well.