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Jan 21, 2012

III% T-Shirt-update II

1/21/12-  T-Shirt came in yesterday.  A full 6 days ahead of their stated delivery date.

The shirt is 100% cotton & seams are double stitched.  The graphics are spot on.  It looks just like the pics below from the site.  Sam-Thanks for the Hi-res pic for the back.

The only bitch I have is the tag says mad in Hati.

So if you like them.  Head to III% Blog and pick one up and check out the other gear.


Here is the link to the design if you want to buy one.  Plus the shipping was free.


It's easy to go in and change up the color of the print & color/style of the shirt.  You know for the ladies & chilluns.

I was surprised just how easy the design process was.  Opens up many possibilities.


The shirt has been ordered and due to arrive on Jan 26.  I'll put up a post on the quality of it when it gets here.

I threw this together on a T-Shirt site.

Below the shirt is pricing.  Cost drops considerably with more items bought.

I am gonna pick up one irregardless of the cost.  Let me know what you think or if any changes to make it better.

1 $28.55 each $28.55 total
10 $18.77 each $187.70 total
25 $11.92 each $298.00 total
100 $8.13 each $813.00 total


  1. Please let us know how to order!

  2. Could you throw out some spec's on the fabric (weight, type, etc) and whether mfg'd in US of A or ?

  3. I will post a full review when the shirt comes in.

    The site has options that you can choose for a wide variety of shirts. Different t-shirts, long sleeve T's, hoodies, ladies T's, etc.