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Jan 12, 2012

The Emotional Factors

In Alabama, a man used crime to lure in and ambush LEO's.  He broke out windows to ensure that many units responded.  The problem was, his emotions got the best of him.

Emotions can derail any good plan.

You can lay out all the routes, tactics & details.

But if you let your emotions creep in unchecked, everything goes to hell in a hand basket.  Muy rápido

Some of you may chime in about the islamo-maniac thing, that's fine, it's chaff for this post.

The point is, the JBT's are easy to lure in.  To follow through, you need to keep your head squared away.

via Creeping Sharia

Police say Ibarra-Hernandez lured officers to Alabama City west of Wall Street by shooting out store windows. He then opened fire on the officers for about 30 minutes before being pinned down and surrendering, Captain Regina May with the Gadsden Police Department said.
Officers responded to the Auto Zone and discovered that the front door had been shattered by a bullet. After completing a police report at Auto Zone, police heard more gunfire in the area, May said. Another glass break alarm went off at the Rainbow Food Mart and officers observed glass had been broken from a gunshot.

As police completed their report on the Rainbow Food Mart incident, the officers saw a suspicious person lurking in the area around 2:55 a.m., according to May.

Ibarra-Hernandez ran from police and the officers pursued him on foot. More officers responded to the activity in the Alabama City area. While running through the streets and alleyways, the suspect opened fire on several of the law enforcement officers chasing him. Police officers took cover behind trees and vehicles and set up a perimeter around the suspect, May said. More law enforcement agencies arrived to the scene to offer support.

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