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Jan 12, 2012


Some of the examples highlighted in the report include:
  • In the City of Milwaukee, Dist 1, a voter used only a magazine subscription invoice as proof of residence, then vouched for someone else’s residency.
  • 1,021 Election Day Registration forms in City of Milwaukee had the proof of residency left blank.
  • In Greenfield, a voter used their Ohio driver’s license and a passport as proof that they lived in Wisconsin. That same person then corroborated for someone else with the same last name and at the same address, who also only a had passport.
  • A voter used a Traffic Citation from the State of Illinois to prove Wisconsin Residency.
  • Several citizens moved to Milwaukee County and registered to vote using out of state drivers licenses for proof of residency. There is nothing on the registration form to indicate the Poll Worker saw anything else to substantiate the residency requirements.
  • Three individuals used hotel receipts to substantiate their proof of residency. Two also provided out of state drivers licenses and a third person used their military identification card to register and vote.
  • A citizen registered once using their WI Drivers License then returned to the polling location some time later and registered a second time using a utility bill. In both cases, this person voted. It was not caught by the municipality during their review of forms to update the state Voter Registration System. However, we turned this information over to the Milwaukee County District Attorney office.
  • Numerous citizens completed their voter registration forms and there was no indication that the Poll Worker verified the eligibility or identity of the person registering to vote.
  • Numerous corroborators failed to list their address on the registration form as required.
 On a side note.  The firewall at work places Wisconsin Grand Sons of Liberty in the " Hate & Intolerance" category and blocks the site.  I have found this to be with most of the Liberty movement sites.

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