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Jan 3, 2012

Natives Getting Restless

In this vast land of the New world the natives are getting restless.

They are tired of the vile invaders oppressing them.

Sam had a post yesterday on some folks that may have stepped of the porch.

While I don't know all the particulars that led up to this event,  it's clear that the popo are scared of he populace.

I guess it's different when the shoe is on the other foot?

via Times Union
Police are taking steps to protect an Albany police officer whose family has received threats after he was publicly identified for using pepper spray to quell Occupy Albany protesters last week.

A "wanted" poster seeking information including the home address, telephone numbers and "map to home" of Officer Richard Gorleski was posted Wednesday on a Facebook page used by Occupy Albany.

Gorleski's address and telephone numbers are not publicly listed. But Gorleski's father, a Troy resident who has the same first name as his son, began receiving unsettling telephone calls from blocked numbers this week.

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