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Jan 3, 2012

Point of No Return

We have reached the point of no return.  The incursion upon our Liberty are growing on a daily basis.

Below are some good posting from Arctic Patriot & Brock's Nam South that show that once again that the circle of history is a vicious bitch.

From this point forward we are at a precipice that Jesus was at in John Ch 13 18-30

Neighbors will begin turning on each other as they snitch to big brother 

We have witnessed an event; Jesus has given the bread dipped in olive oil to Congress. 

We know who conspires against us.

Hoist the black flag fore the blood letting is about begin.

via AP

General Jackson, from Gods and Generals:

Colonel Stuart, if I had my way we would show no quarter to the enemy. No more than the redskin showed your troopers. The black flag, sir. If the North triumphs, it is not alone the destruction of our property, it is the prelude to anarchy, infidelity and the ultimate loss of free and responsible government on this continent. It is the triumph of commerce, banks and the factory. We should meet the Federal invaders on the outer verge of just and right defence, and raise at once the black flag. No quarter to the violators of our homes and firesides. Our political leadership in Richmond is too timid to face the reality of the coming war. They should look to the Bible. It is full of such wars. Only the black flag will bring the North quickly to their senses and rapidly end the war.

and Nam South
From Francis Key Howard (grandson of Francis Key Scott)

The flag which he had then so proudly hailed, I saw waving at the same place over the victims of as vulgar and brutal a despotism as modern times have witnessed."

When he was finally released on November 27, 1862 he wrote:

"We came out of prison just as we had gone in, holding the same just scorn and detestation [for] the despotism under which the country was prostrate, and with a stronger resolution that ever to oppose it by every means to which, as American freemen, we had the right to resort."

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  1. Neighbors will begin turning on each other as they snitch to big brother

    That will be a huge clue for the naysayers.