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Feb 28, 2012

Bracken: Operation #EFAD – Communique #5

The latest from Braken at WSRA.

Communiqué #5: D-Day Minus Three, Monday, February 27 

(Older communiques are below

Sorry to put this up so late (10pm eastern). Today was brutal, but I couldn’t share this Operation #EFAD task. But fortunately, this type of operation becomes self-sustaining, and does not need regular “command guidance” once set into motion.

All of the Facebook, Twitter, blog and forum activity will make its mark on Thursday, March 1, when the world at large first becomes aware of the “dangerous” novel from 2003 that foreshadowed current repulsive criminal abuses by federal law enforcement agencies, including Operation Fast And Furious. 

More tomorrow. 

Bracken out.

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