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Feb 28, 2012

Liquid Gold

How many of you have seen a rise in your water bills?

How many have their own water wells?

That is my next upgrade.  Local prices here are around $8k to sink one down to 350'.

Most everyone knows that Texas, like many other states, has the Castle Doctrine.

Yesterday, the Texas Supreme Court ruled that the water below the land you own is yours.  Not someone or something who has the $$$ to buy it.
We decide in this case whether land ownership includes an interest in groundwater in place
that cannot be taken for public use without adequate compensation guaranteed by article I, section 17(a) of the Texas Constitution. We hold that it does.
The "Authority" can not tell you you can't pump from it or need a permit.
The Court said that the government cannot restrict how landowners consume the water beneath their property without compensating them. 

The ruling was also a victory for Burrrell Day and Joel McDaniel who sued the Edwards Aquifer Authority after the authority attempted to regulate how they used groundwater so the water could be used downstream.
 So defend the patch you call home and the same applies to the water under it. 

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