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Feb 15, 2012

The Little Lessons in Life

I have a 14yr old daughter who has a attitude problem right now regarding her chores & checking her mouth..  This is also one of the reasons I don't allow my kids on Facebook.

I may have to use this method with her.  Or better yet, have her destroy her toys.

It's the little lessons in life that have a big impact.

via The Blaze
As for the Stanly County Sheriff’s Office, it said Jordan didn’t do anything illegal.

So does Jordan regret making the video? Absolutely not. He writes his only regrets are using the word “ass,“ not wearing his best ”Sivlerbelly Stetson” hat, and maybe not cleaning his boots. Oh, and maybe he’d use a .22 next time instead of a .45. He even seems more fired up than last time.

“The kids today ARE self entitled, spoiled, adverse to working, and basically have NO usable skills taught to them in schools,” he opines. “Yes some of you out there excel. If you’ve graduated high school and at least pay some of your own bills, then I’m not talking to you. If you however are 25 and live with your parents because you’re too lazy to get a job, then yes, I’m talking to you. Half of that is the parent’s fault for thinking that the school system is supposed to raise their kids. The other half is a parent’s fault for letting our school systems get to the utterly pathetic state they are in. It’s your kid.. so no matter what it’s ALWAYS your fault.. get it?”

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