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Feb 15, 2012

Some Facts About Calling 911

Bet you didn't know they get bonuses if they can get you to say incriminating things on the phone.

Do the same as the JBT's.  Name, address & emergency then STFU and hang up.

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I make it a practice to never call 911. Instead I ask others to make those calls. If I must call them I give them the barest of information while ignoring their redundant and stupid questions. They get the location, the emergency I’m calling about and nothing more.

I avoid being cagy or rude, I simply tell them I have to hang up. If they try to call back I simply won’t answer.

The 911 operators view their role more as defacto police interrogators on a mission to obtain incriminating information. The 911 workers are not bound by Miranda rules. They are rewarded for any admissions they can pull out of a homeowner who shoots an intruder.

Calling 911 for a fire automatically puts you on the arson suspect list.

Getting a confession from a distraught caller almost always takes priority to saving lives with these folks.

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