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Apr 1, 2012

Generating Rage-Updated

Critical mass is approaching folks.

Craig has a post up regarding this.  The generated rage of the racial war is festering and rearing it's ugly head.
When they came back Steve was carrying his shotgun… At the store, Steve was openly threatened by a black man. “I’m gonna fry you, 120 volts” the guy said to Steve, totally unprovoked. His girlfriend confirmed the story. Steve said nothing to the guy, got in his truck and left.
Part 3 of a first hand account of the LA riots.

That morning everyone on the news was desperately trying to convince everyone of the existence of some sanity in the world and that things would shortly be back under control, but it never was very persuasive because they kept cutting to the cops barricaded inside the station house eating donuts and watching the news and clicking their tongues saying it's terrible, somebody oughtta do somethin' about that.

Anybody watching the news could see the majority of all of them were the new mexican enrichers, not "poor downtrodden disaffected blacks." These guys who were operating leaf blowers for the wealthy the day before were taking advantage of the chaos to show their true colors and were running rampant as animals once they knew the law was not going to show up. They were systematically stripping every single retailer to the west shoreline of anything bigger than a thumbtack - and they were doing it brazenly right in front of television cameras hovering overhead off helicopters. 


Here is what we can expect out of this.  First hand account of the LA riots.

Part 1
The average person just has no idea of what a thin veneer civilization is until it cracks underfoot. I have to say honestly - neither did I before the riots. 

Part 2

When we were driving home, we saw all kinds of bizarre things that were totally out of place. Like right in the median strip, some businessman sitting on his briefcase with blood all over his pants and a tourniquet. A bunch of black guys surrounding some young couple who looked like tourists literally ripping the woman's clothes off one piece at a time.

From today's march in Sanford, Fl.

Do you understand.

The final exam is coming up soon.

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