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Apr 1, 2012

Will It Take Revolution?

Brock posted this great find.


Tool up...It's time to rebuild

from CFP
In my Constitution Classes I teach that we have four tools on our tool belt for taking back America.  Those tools were provided by the Founding Fathers through the instruction booklet for taking back this nation, the United States Constitution.

As we enter Constitution crisis after Constitution crisis with this very dangerous Obama administration, it can be easy to lose sight of the truth.  I am an optimist, and it is never too late to turn around a system like ours. . . if we are willing to do what it takes to get it back.  It won’t be easy, and it won’t be quick, but it can be done.

The four tools, with the one that ties in with the title of this piece at the end, are as follows:


Article V. Convention

Peaceful Revolution

Violent Revolution

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  1. UuuuuAAAAHHH! I got a Binford 7.62x54r hole maker. My favorite tool...