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Apr 14, 2012

The FedGov Disease

Daily dose of CopDom

Again...why not knock on the door like civilized person?

I know; they have to justify all the goodies they get from the ulcerated, fat, nasty vagina of Janet Napolitano
that this shit falls out of.

But just like AIDS, there is no cure until the source is eradicated

She felt the crunching of bones' Estranged wife of sheriff mauled by police K-9 as she slept in her bed

The dog was in the house after police K-9 units arrived at her Bakersfield home on Easter Sunday to serve a search warrant after her son was arrested on drug charges earlier in the day

Police claim that they announced themselves as they entered the house but that Mrs Youngblood did not respond.

Her attorney, Daniel Rodriguez said that is because she was sleeping in her bedroom as the dog searched the house.

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