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Apr 14, 2012

Spec's of sand.....

How many of us have had Spec's of sand in our eye?

You know how irritating it is.  Eye burning like a motherfucker.  You want to rub your eye until it explodes.

What do you do????????

You rinse it away.  It is forgotten until the next Spec of sand gets in there.

Some of you may ask WTF is up with this post.  Well, it was inspired by Spec with this comment.


I don't get it. The cops were doing their job and they are thugs with badges. Maybe I'm reading this all wrong. There is a f$@king drug dealer on your block the cops are serving a search warrant and get shot and THE COPS ARE THE THUGS. Are you friggin kidding me.

So slouch hasn't paid his rent and the cops are posting the eve tip. Notice and they get shot.


I'll tell you what. Why don't you go over to that nice drug dealer and ask that thu close up shop and stop selling dope to your kids. After he kicks your ass and throws you down a set of stairs. Go back a few weeks later with your baseball bat and tell him o get out of your neighborhood. Make sure to ring your beer gut cousin as "back up". After the two of you get out ofthe hospital and decker from your gunshot wounds and the rectal removal of the baseball bat. See if you can get some neighborhood watch guys to come with you and "force" that drug dealer out. Once you have kicked in the door and found your twelve year old doing tricks for Meth you can get real mad and threaten the drug dealer to leave.

After you get home from the funeral of the neighborhood watch captain and get you kid out the the 30 day rehab clinic. Maybe then you will call the cops to "help you out""

Dumb ass. There is a reason you pay your local taxes. Cops get paid to the job you won't and can't do. To call them thugs for doing that job is stupid. SHAME ON YOU

And to tell what kind of douche he is.

He commented from his Los Angeles Sheriff's Department computer.

I guess he/she doesn't understand that people are fed up with police that bully the citizens  pay their salaries.

That warrants being served on the wrong address and innocent people get killed.

That bull shit affidavits are used to obtain warrants.  Or straight up lies are told.

Better yet the continuous violations of our rights goes unabated or unchecked.

So FUCK YOU Spec you self righteous cocksucker swallowing the jizz that taxpayers spray in your mouth.

Now that I have that off my chest.  Maybe my weekend will be a bright & sunshiny day.


  1. Never forget, as in Katrina, when TSHTF, the cops will be the first line of offence AGAINST the citizenry (if you don't recall, the cops were the one's disarming people armed for defense)

  2. The cops' biggest problem is that they view everybody as either victims or criminals - there's no such thing as people minding their own fucking business.