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May 17, 2012

Old Memories

How many of us remember riding in one of these.  My parents had this exact model.

Riding in the very back was the seat we fought over.

The window down, the exhaust being sucked in.  

That was to fun life.

Or this...Riding on the back dash of the car.

We had a '74 Delta 88.  Man I could lay full out on that.

No seat belts.  

My dad had a '76 El Camino that the 5 of us used to ride in.  

Hell he used to put a camper shell on it, take out the back glass and we would take family vacations.  Us kids would ride in the bed.  The only thing we worried about was hitting our heads on the camper top roof and having to pee in a cup cause dad didn't want to stop.

So I saw this pic on the UK Daily Mail and it brought back a lot of old & good memories.

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  1. We used 3 seat Chrysler product station wagons as cabs on Camp Pendleton, so Marines could pay less per head.