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Jul 31, 2012

Where is Frankenstein????

This little law didn't seem to faze the local tyrants.  Laws are merely for the peasants.

The Virginia Right to Farm Act prohibits local authorities from treating agricultural activity as a "nuisance"
So enter Frankenstein and the angry mob.

Farmers in Fauquier County are planning to bring their pitchforks to an Aug. 2 hearing before the Board of Zoning Appeals to protest the arbitrary treatment of one of their own. On April 30, Zoning Administrator Kimberley Johnson sent Martha Boneta an official cease-and-desist notice for selling farm products and hosting a birthday party for her best friend's 10-year-old daughter on her 70-acre Paris, Va., farm without a special administrative permit.

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  1. Screw pitchforks, they should bring rifles and rope...