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Nov 26, 2011

Cry Me a River

You want to come here as an illegal alien, then these are the risks.  Don't like it...tough shit.

Cry me a river, because I don't give two squirts of piss for your predicament.

Deportation forever changes Texas family 

EL PASO, Texas -- While politicians debate deportation, one Texas family says it cost their father his life.
A young mother became a single parent when her husband was deported on October 3rd.  She says he was turned over to immigration authorities after a routine traffic stop on the outskirts of El Paso, Texas.   It was 7am and the construction worker was on the way to a home remodeling job.  By 2pm he had been deported to Juarez, Mexico.  Five days later he was dead.

His wife says the father of two was desperate to get back to his family and was meeting with a coyote or smuggler when gunmen attacked.  When it was over the smuggler was dead but so were three other men with him including her husband.

Now as this young mother looks at her toddler kissing a photo of his father she worries about her young sons who are both U.S. citizens.  Shes has lived in Texas 13 years, more than half of her life, but is also undocumented and could be deported at any time.



  1. As my old supply SGT would say, "I don't give a rat's ass!"