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Nov 26, 2011

That Was Easy

Couldn't resist the pic & title.

What a idiot this guy is as well as his boss.  He tried to pull it out with pliers.  Boy, you don't get anymore backwoods-redneck than that.

via KHOU

Hunter was at his construction job Nov. 4, crouched over some rafters when a co-worker wanted to see what he was doing.  When Hunter lifted his head, he hit the safety on an air-powered staple gun.

"He saw the staple was in there, and he goes 'Oh my God, it's in your head, It's all the way in your head,'" Hunter said, talking about the moments after the accident.

Hunter knew it was bad, but remained calm. He walked to the supervisor's office, and tried to stay upright and conscious. After an ambulance ride to Texas Health Harris Methodist Fort Worth, he even filled out his own paper work at the hospital.

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