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Nov 26, 2011

"I grabbed her and just started beating her until she hit the floor,"

This happened at the local Wally World on Black Friday.  No way in hell would I venture out into this combat zone.

But, I will say this.  If somebody did this to one of my kids, the results would be the same for them.

This ties in on the same post at III% blog  about the erosion of today's society.

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via KPRC

Black Friday turned violent in Livingston. 

Alicia Spore said she got into a bare-knuckle fight with another shopper at a Walmart late Thursday. 

"When she swung at me and I leaned back, she hit my baby in the face," Spore said. 

Spore said her two-year-old daughter, Isabella, was sitting in a shopping cart. Spore said that other shopper, Rhonda Bland, 42, appeared to be drunk. 

"This lady had come out and cut me off and hit me with her buggy," Spore said. "I've got my two-year-old in the buggy and [Bland] started hollering and cussing." 

Spore said the fight quickly escalated after Isabella was hit. 

"I grabbed her and just started beating her until she hit the floor," Spore said. "She fell into a glass display behind her that had computer on sale. She fell into that and came at me again, so I grabbed her and just started beating her again." 

Spore said she knocked Bland down three times before several other shoppers intervened. 

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