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Jan 18, 2012

Converting .303 British to .410 Shells

Great tip from Down Range.  Check out his other posts.  Tons of good info.

I like to tinker and experiment with guns and ammo. I have reloaded my own cartridges for many years am always thinking of ways to do it more efficient and save money. This would be especially helpful in a survival situation. I was recently thinking of reloading shotgun shells using the all brass cases, these would be preferable because they would last longer than plastic shells.

I was on line looking at 12 gauge brass hulls and also saw 410 hulls for sale. They both ran about $25 for a box of 25, not too bad so I started looking at loads for 410 shells and ran across a link where 410 shells could be made from 303 British ammo. I decided making my own shells would be better that paying for them so I scrounged around and found an empty 303 cartridge and decided to experiment.



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