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Jan 18, 2012

Those Damned Yankee's

 Damned Yankee's

The yankee's are invading again.


via SNN

An SNN reader from occupied-Florida sent in the below note and pictures, demonstrating the way in which Yankees have colonised his local area (sadly, they are no longer confined to urban centres but are ‘developing’ out into the country). Notice how they have named this fully Yankee neighbourhood ‘Bull Run’ (the Southern name for that battle was Manassas - Southerners named the battles after the nearest town while Yankees named it after the nearest river).  And they put the names of their imperialist leaders such as the war criminal William Tecumseh Sherman and the drunken invader and hopelessly corrupt Ulysses S Grant.

1 comment:

  1. Tear the damn signs down. We have Lee, Jackson and Stuart here, fortunately.

    Year before last some Yankee "immigrants" got the Christmas Parade changed to the Holiday Parade, but I guess they got booted out since it went back to Christmas this year.