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Jan 18, 2012

The Year I Accidentally Grew Wheat

Read the comical story of one man's journey from seed to loaf.

Think you could do it from scratch.  It opened my eyes.  Time to re-look at some equip, preps and rethink some processes.

You might have the same thoughts as I did with this.

via Survuval

I'd like to share a recent adventure in practical survival skills that I stumbled upon by accident. Luckily for me this was not a disaster that forced this, but instead the natural friction that occurs between man and wife. In the course of a year I grew a crop of wheat, harvested, processed, and made a loaf of bread. The adventure was that I did not start out to do any of those things! In the course of this learning experience I found out that things “everyone knows” are not, in fact, easy to find out.

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