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Jan 6, 2012

Down Range: Prepping for Free

via Down Range

I hear a lot of issues about money when it comes to preps. Here is an idea which is free.
I have spent a lot of time living in the field and eating bland food's, one thing I learned is little things make all the difference when it comes to food. I have also eaten MRE's for years in the field and one thing that is traded the most between troops is the condiment packets, nothing makes the crackers taste better than peanut butter or jelly.

Most of the times when you go to a fast food restaurant we get those little packets of ketchup, mayo, salt, pepper, relish, honey, jelly and crackers you can even find packets of soy sauce, duck sauce, vinegar etc. In hotels and some restaurants you get packets of coffee, tea, hot chocolate mix, sugar, mints etc.

Instead of throwing them away take them home and drop them in a bag or box. We like to prep with jars of this kind of thing but the little packets would be very handy in certain instances like camping or hiking or living on the move. For the most part they should last a very long time. A little packet of jelly has about 50 calories and a ketchup packet is about 15 calories. Trust me if you were eating beans and rice every day a small amount of sauce would make a huge difference to the taste. Homeless people make soup out of these little packets mixed with hot water

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