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Jan 6, 2012

The Teetering of the 5th

A federal judge will be deciding if the 5th Amendment is thrown out the window.

They have trashed every other Amendment that protects liberties, right?  Why not get rid of them all?

When will we smack that mosquito that keeps buzzing in your ear, slipping in and getting drinks of blood?

or will we let it bleed us to death?

Maybe some fogging is in order?

via Wired

Federal prosecutors want a judge to order a Colorado woman to provide the password to decrypt her laptop, which the government seized with a search warrant.

With backup from digital rights groups, the woman is fighting the feds, arguing that being forced to provide her password violates the Fifth Amendment’s protection against forced self-incrimination.

Colorado U.S. District Judge Robert Blackburn is expected to rule any day on whether to force defendant Ramona Fricosu to decrypt her Toshiba Satellite M305, which authorities seized from her in 2010 with a court warrant while investigating financial fraud.

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  1. "Judge" or no judge, I would tell them to kiss my ass.