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Jan 7, 2012


Highwayman- a holdup man, especially one on horseback, who robbed travelers along a public road

That is what we are seeing more & more with these seizures by these gangs of thugs.

Below is another horror story.  They were carrying money for a church to buy property and the wonderful LEO of Virginia decided they were criminals and didn't need it.  Even thought the church corroborated their story.

We have already been seeing 1-man posse's pop up.  I would look for organized groups in the future to combat this thievery.

via WP

VICTOR RAMOS GUZMAN and his brother-in-law noticed a Virginia state trooper pull up beside them as they traveled on Interstate 95 near Emporia, Va., in November. “A police car drove by in parallel, looked at our faces and on no more than that decided to stop us,” Mr. Guzman said in a sworn affidavit.

Virginia State Police say the men were speeding, driving 86 mph in a 70 mph zone and “following too closely.” But the trooper did not issue a ticket that morning despite the allegedly excessive speed nor did he charge the men with any civil or criminal violations. He did, however, seize $28,500 in cash.

via The Agitator

Trooper Murphy checked their papers, legal status, rental information, et cetera. Having found no violations, the trooper also called the FBI and ICE. The FBI declined involvement. The officer confiscated the cash and issued a receipt for it.

Guzman and Sorto were told by Trooper Murphy that the seizure was being executed “on order of ICE” but that no ICE agents were available because they were in a meeting. Guzman asked that they contact the church to verify their account of the currency trooper Murphy declined to do so and, apparently, told them to shut up. They were also told that they would be contacted by ICE Norfolk.


  1. Back in the '90s, there was a sheriff Vogel in central Florida, Daytona IIRC, who would stop cars driving on I-95 and seize cash. Anyone carrying over $100 must be a drug dealer, right?

    The only concern was whether they were being racist, not that they were seizing cash from innocent people. I think there was a state supreme court ruling that eventually reduced the practice.

  2. Heaven forbid someone has money on them, they MUST be up to no good! Because NOBODY buys anything but drugs with large amounts of CASH!

    I pay my rent in cash, and the tellers look at me funny when I withdraw it every month. Some have even questioned me, "casually" asking me what I'm buying. "If you see something say something" training no doubt...