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Jan 7, 2012

You Have Insufficient Funds

From the land of their pResident.

You can't write shit this funny.  The lottery checks from the state bounce. LMAO.

via CBS Chi-town
Eighty-five Illinois Lottery winners last week probably thought they were lucky — until they tried to cash in their winnings, that is.

Their checks, totaling $159,000 in lottery winnings, were no good.

 Oh and don't forget this little tidbit of news from the Sun Times.

Illinois, unable to solve its long-running financial problems, was given the lowest credit rating of any state in the country by Moody’s Investors Service on Friday, a move that will increase costs to taxpayers.

A second agency, Standard & Poor’s, left its Illinois rating unchanged but warned of a negative outlook that could lead to a downgrade in the future. A day earlier, Fitch Ratings also left the rating unchanged and declared a stable outlook.

The worst rating in the nation. ROFLMAO.

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