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Jan 7, 2012

Smoke Em' While You Can

Michael Anthony Henderson Jr, 19, was shot dead.
Once again the Castle Doctrine saves lives along with guns.  In Henderson, NC an 14 yr old stood his ground.
Police in North Carolina revealed a 14-year-old boy shot dead an intruder attempting to break into his home while he and his sister were alone.

The teen opened fire with a shotgun while his 17-year-old sister hid in a closet as a gang of men attempted to smash their way into their home
Now what is jacked is the the below from the 911 call by the dispatcher. There were still 3 other roaming around that came with the dead one.
'Do not, while I’m on the phone, do not fire that firearm, OK?' the dispatcher says
In the call, the teen, says: 'I just shot the man. He came around the corner. I shot him. He broke the whole glass out (of the back door).'

He continues: 'I don't know how many it was (who broke in). Just one came around the corner. I got one more in the chamber. I'm going to shoot again,' the boy said.

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