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Sep 1, 2012

Jr. TSA Goons

Last night I went to the Friday night football game at TWCP

Coming in on the visitor side there was a passel of Shenandoah Police & Montgomery SO standing around and some school moms running people through metal detectors and searching bags.

Y'all know me to well that I couldn't pass this up.

So as I empty my pockets I state, rather loudly, "where are the TSA goons and the naked body scanners".

So one moms says back, "we have to keep everyone safe".  As I replied, " yep...4th amendment be damned".

This of course got me all kinds of crazy looks from the popo.

By this time I had 50+ people looking at me, including my wife who was telling me to shut the hell up.

So as I was walking away from the metal detectors I walked past 5 uniform thugs and said to them, "You just gotta love living in a CopDom police state".  To which I got all kinds of go to hell evil looks.

I was surprised I didn't get taken down right there.  :)


  1. I am embarrassed to admit that I was just nodding along with this piece until I clicked the link and discovered this took place in The Woodlands, just up the road from Houston. Then I was angry.

    I expect this kind of nonsense in other places, but NIMBY.

    1. I was surprised to. In all the HS football games I have been to in the last 6 years, this was a first.

      But remember Montgomery SO are the ones with the drones...

  2. They haven't gone that far down here. Yet... You shoulda video taped that : )

    1. I left my phone in the truck as the whole family was there.

      That would have made a good vid.

  3. I agree with Craig, that would have been great to watch.

    CopDom police state...... hee hee hee

  4. Is it mandatory to allow the search Rich? I guess they can refuse your entry if you don't comply. -55six

    1. If I would have refused, more than likely I would have been sitting in the ruck listening to it on the radio with a wife as mad as a wet hen.

      It was the first game of the season and my oldest is in the marching band and made 1st chair flute. So I sucked it up and got detected, but got my jabs in to.

  5. Biggest mistake in our Republic was passing the 19th Amendment.

  6. Haha, it's usually my husband giving me the stink eye to shut the hell up, lol. I feel your pain. ;)
    You ought have Zoomie draw you up a special football security tshirt to wear....

  7. Actually I thought of this last night, all you need to do is to wear a tshirt with this on it:

    "They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither, liberty or safety."
    Benjamin Franklin

    Of course, you can still make comments.....

    Miss Violet