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Sep 1, 2012

Pear Wine-update


For this 2 1/2 gal batch of wine I used 12lb of pears that were quartered & cored.

I used Lavin 1116 yeast with 4 lb of sugar.  

The primary ferment was a week long and  when I racked to the secondary the fermentation was complete.

Remember all those pears I picked from this post?

Here is the one of the gallon jugs of pear wine.  It is a dry wine and has just a hint of pear that lingers on the tongue.  

Being a month old, it is still a little rough, but is drinkable.  Another 6 months of age ought to do nicely.


  1. Do you want to do some bartering?

    Bill Nye

  2. Another 6 months of age ought to do nicely.

    You expect us to believe it'll last that long,*grin*?

    Miss Violet

  3. Billi_RubinAugust 31, 2012

    Type of yeast ?, any sugar ?
    Elaborate please..........