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Sep 1, 2012

Whisper sweet nothings on the cheap

How many of know someone or are handy with a lathe?

It wouldn't take a hot minute to spit out an adapter.

Just think'n outside the circle.


  1. A 1" tube threaded 1/2 by 28 female (or 14mm left hand) X 18mm male.

  2. Guy in Cadiz (Oh) has these for sale, transferable...but the filter is the serial numbered part, and once it quits working, I think he needs to reserialize them for you and dispose of the old one. Maybe, not sure how it works. The filter is 75 or something like that with the adapter...less than the tax stamp.

  3. Duh. Didn't watch video. It is Cadiz.
    Guy is at local shows and I've met him, he's pretty easy going.

    Has a couple other nice C2 items on his table for sale at the Westland mall gun show, saw him weekend before last, well, his table, but he wasn't there.