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Nov 28, 2011

17 Suspended From Tower Defense & Areo

It pisses me off that folks just don't have the balls, leadership, or what ever you want to insert (foot up their ass) to do the right thing.....

Until it hits the news & blogs.

Then it's all CYA and fuck the little folks 

How much you wanna bet the union was shielding them.

I posted here about it.  FNC had it hereThe Feral Irishman here.

Well it looks like the chickens are coming home to roost.

17 Suspended From Plant That Makes Military Parts After Video Allegedly Shows Workers Drinking, Smoking Marijuana

Seventeen workers from the Tower Defense and Aerospace plant in Detroit have reportedly been suspended after an undercover investigation showed them smoking what appeared to be marijuana during their lunch break.

Fox affiliate WJBK-TV released exclusive footage last week showing several of the plant's workers allegedly drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana cigarettes while on a break. 

The plant reportedly manufactures armored parts for U.S. military trucks and planes, including parts for Humvees and Stryker combat vehicles to be sent to Afghanistan and Iraq.

After the station's report, officials from the plant said in a statement that 17 of its employees have been "suspended pending discharge."

"The story reported earlier this week by Fox 2 in Detroit highlighted a very serious issue of unacceptable and reckless employee misconduct that was already under investigation by the company," Derek Fiebig, an official from the plant, said in a statement.

"Working as expeditiously as possible within the bounds of the legal union contract, seventeen employees have been suspended pending discharge. In addition, we are working with the union to ensure that workers will no longer be allowed to leave the premises during the work day," Fiebig said.  

"These actions supplement the existing rigorous drug screening and background checks used by Tower to hire 150 new employees since acquiring this business," he added.

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