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Nov 28, 2011

Let See How Stupid These Two Are

These two idiot kids can't even drive a car, let alone launch one from a standing start.  From the Woodlands, Tx.

via The Blaze
Well, the driver on the left was 23 and called his parents immediately. As soon as we placed him in cuffs his mom started screaming to go to the hospital. So we sent him to the hospital and decided to cut the other guy loose due to the kid not going to jail. Warrants are being issued for both of their arrests now.
We recieved [sic] a 911 call (from a witness) saying that a major accident just accused and the other corvette was attempting to leave the scene. And the other vette wasn’t drivable. Due to it being a major accident, we have to investigate.
So there’s probable turkey number one, being bailed out by his mom. Despite being completely irresponsible and likely getting arrested, I just have this bad feeling (from experience) he may get his C5 back.

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