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Nov 28, 2011

Yard Signs-Crooked Judges & obama Supporters

A couple in a North Texas community is under siege by the Gestapo group known as Remuda Ranch Estates Homeowners Association.

It seems that they put up the above yard sign and the President of the HOA is a pResident obama 1st class ass licker and a supporter of the Dallas OWS .

Well he got his thong wedged up in his ass over the sign..  And then gets his bestest friend crooked judge to really lay it on them with a $7k fine.

Here they are below.

Now these are two fine upstanding citizens and in the course of this "misunderstanding" have scrubbed the FB pages of all political photos.  Go to the link for those at The Blaze for the before screenshots.
These are some of the questions from the Blaze reporter.

The more digging we do into this story, the more questions arise:
  • If the Judge in the case has ties to one side of the argument, why has she not recused herself?
The Judge who levied the huge fine has ties to at least one of the board members of the complaining HOA. These photos used to live on the Facebook page of  Kathy Kornegay Chruscielski (HOA board member and personal friend of the Judge Lynn Marie Johnson).

Now it gets deeper.

When the house was purchased, Clare & Tommy Russel were not aware of a HOA nor did they pay the extortion $$$ called dues.  The cherry on this is they ave documented from the deal.

Boy this all all the makings for a made for TV show.

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