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Nov 28, 2011

The Ol' Time Ways

Here are some good link to valuable info in-light of events occurring.  If it doesn't happen, it's still great info.  Just like how Pap-pap & Me-maw used to do.


Pioneer Essentials
Even if cash-poor, ranchers of the Old West coveted a rack of shiny pots and pans, preparation standards of the day didn’t allow fixing a meal with anything but the most basic cookware. 

*  Building an Open Fire Pit for Cooking 

*  Soap Making  Soap for good and vibrant health is a vital item in any home. 
Without soap we would not be able to have clean bodies or clean clothes.

*  Making Charcoal Why Charcoal?  The many uses of charcoal is very important to your survival.

Tanning Hides The Indians tanned hides in several ways and by different substances according to the tribe. Hides were used for clothing and blankets.

*  How to Wash on a Washboard

Rendering Lard While lard isn't considered a food, it was vital to the cooking process for many years.

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