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Nov 28, 2011

"I got inside your OODA loop; that's what happened"

Even a 7 yr old gets it.

via Global Guerrillas

OODA loop humor from a reader:    
Wanna hear something funny? I first read about the concept of OODA loop in your blog a few years back. 

Anyway, I have a seven year old boy who is interested in, of all things, strategy. 

Particularly military strategy. So I had recently explained the concept and definition of the OODA loop to him. Meanwhile, he has spelling tests each week in school. 

And recently, I found the source of the words the teacher is using, and let him study each week's words in advance over the weekend - ensuring a perfect score Monday morning. 

Anyway, the teacher noticed that he was suddenly getting 100%, and she asked him what had changed. 

His reply (which caused the teacher to call me - she was a bit alarmed) was "I got inside your OODA loop; that's what happened"... 

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