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Aug 18, 2011

Courage vs Ricochet Rabbit

USDA and Washington state Dept of Ag has decided to jump on the snitch wagon.

If you fit into one of these categories. (sorry for any typos)

Terrorist Activities Related to Farm Stores

  • New customer who is no from local area
  • Refusing to provide address where fertilizer will be used or delivered.
  • Acting nervous or impatient
  • Possessing little knowledge of crops, soil composition, field size, application methods, or fertilizers,
  • Purchasing large quantities of pesticides, combustibles, or fertilizers containing ammonium nitrate out of season or with cash.
  • Appearing to be interested only in ammonium nitrate; displaying no interest in alterative fertilizers or fertilizer combinations.
  • Seeking chemicals with weight in excess of fertilizer distributor capacity.
  • Making suspicious inquiries regarding equipment (e.g., tank size, spray range)
  • Asking about inquiring vehicles equipped for spraying or hauling (e.g., crop dusters, crop sprayers, fuel tankers).
  • Failing to state legitimate agricultural use for product.
  • Using rental vehicle or vehicle with out of state or temporary plate to transport items such as fertilizers containing ammonium nitrate (particularly 34-0-0) or some other combustible material in large proportions.
  • Using cash for large transaction or a credit card in someone else’s name.

So next time your in Tractor Supply and your looking at sprayers to clear the fence line and have a few questions or just like to wander around...

Check your six when you leave the store. You might have one of these lookin' for ya.