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Jan 9, 2012

It's Raining...It's Pouring-Updated

UPDATE:  All said & done.... I got 7.25" of rain at home today.  So now we are only 17" behind on rainfall.

The rain started about 4am this morning.  And it hasn’t let up.  So far we have received 3” in Livingston with another 3” supposed to fall by the time it quits.

We need the rain, but damn this is ridiculous. 

Target Identifiers

Don't think that this is the only use for it.

This is just so it will be accepted by the public.

Somebody passes you on the street, a little squirt and


Your dead from a drone strike.

The story here:  DNA McSpray to foil thieves - McDonalds to use new anti-theft spray

Nerves of Steel

This is little 3 year old has nerves of steel.

Could you do that if it happened to you?