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Jan 8, 2012

He doesn't look like a white guy to me

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Bomb Explodes in Colorado Couples Car

There is more to the story that what is written.

But the real gem in this is DON'T PICK SHIT UP OFF THE STREETS.

Lafayette police: Bomb left in paper bag with victims' names on it

The device that exploded inside a car in Lafayette on Saturday afternoon, sending a husband and wife to the hospital with serious burns, was inside a paper bag with the victims' names written on it, investigators revealed this morning

Allyson Stone picked up the package and put it in the car as they left their home, en route to Boulder. Christopher Stone told police they had driven about a block and were mid-block on Ravenwood Lane when his wife began to open the package, setting off "some kind of explosive device that severely burned both of them," according to the news release.
Don't forget about this little tidbit of info.
 Following the explosion, Boulder County dispatchers initiated a reverse-911 call to the neighborhood about the incident. About 20 homes in the immediate vicinity of the car were evacuated as investigators spent the next eight hours securing the vehicle. 

911: When Seconds Count...They're Hours Away

Man Ticketed for Calling 911 Three Times…to Report a Break-In at His Mother’s Home

 Took them 3 hours to show up and he get's this response.

 When police finally showed up, they talked to a witness who said he had seen two males wearing black hoods break into the home 

The officer said] there was nothing they could do about it,” Street said. “I asked him if they would’ve came on time, the guys would’ve still been there? He said, if you want us to have a faster response time, contact the mayor to see if we can arrive on time faster and have more police officers.”

 And they wonder why they are seeing more of this. 

Oh Shit Moment

This is one of those Oh Shit moments.

Now on a positive note.

Remember the post I had last month about the African Game warden who killed the lion with his bare hands?

This is another case like that.  Even though this young lady was in a bad place, she kept her head & survived because she DID NOT freeze up.

Now...Back to our regular programming

Erin Langworthy was bungee jumping over the Zambezi River on New Year’s Eve when her cord broke 25 meters — or about 80 feet — above the water. According to Australia’s Channel 9 News, the total bungee drop is about 360 feet. The river divides Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Mens Version Of The Antique Road Show

Trying to keep it light today

Give Me Some Skin

McCain:  Mitt you want me to use Vaseline or some lotion?

Mitt:  Na...Just let me finish this real quick, then you can get to work

McCain:  OK Mitt, it's your skin.

Rose Bowl Parade 2012

They are going to do one of these over the Super Bowl. LOL


Bill was having some problems this morning with WordPress and asked me to post these 2 pics.  They are from his post regarding a new .gov building being built in Houston.

Zoom in and examine the framing, the heavy rebar being used.  Don't forget to notice that covered sally port on the front of the building.  Remind anyone of anything?????

How about the entrance to VBC complex in Baghdad, COB Spiecher in Tikrit, and probably many more.

Yes sir there is some hokey shit going on.

Here is the link to the construction firm doing the build.  You make the informed decision.

Jersey Shore: Snitches Gone Wild

Talk about thinking with your dumb ass and not your smart ass.

via Activist Post

Newark Mayor, Cory Booker, issued a Gun Stoppers video that looks like he's hawking some get-rich-quick scheme that you'd see at 2 a.m. on cable TV -- Ya give us the guns; we give ya the cash! Just call the Gun-Grabbers snitch line and receive a cool grand, even if there is no conviction of a crime!