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Mar 17, 2012

We Have the Final Say

TL has another brilliant piece here.

He says in very easy words so everyone can understand.

We are the final ruling in the Supreme Court. It matters not what the 9 black robe charlatans say.  If we do not believe in what they say, we do not have to obey.

Fortunately, the Supreme Court is not the sole arbiter of Constitutionality. It was written for the people and finally to be enforced by them. I have no faith in justices, they are removed from the conditions we, the people, are subject to. They too often see wisdom in their own thoughts and too rarely see the folly.
 The socialist regime in the DC swamps will change their reasoning/tactics like a chameleon whenever they think it will  benefit them.  No matter what they will not stop. 

Unless they are stopped.

In the comments at TL's, Mt Top Patriot shines light on all the games of chance that are coming out of Washington.  Just like the red solo cup game in the movie A-Team.  They must keep everyone busy and distracted so they can complete their mission of the destruction of this country.

Crisis as a means.
A body of laws where everyone is conveniently an outlaw or criminal.
Rob an entire nation of its intrinsic wealth, jobs, and ability to create its own prosperity free of intrusion and meddling by the elites.
Jack up the costs of every staple of life, and eat out the existence of peoples lives through intrusion or imposition in the entire sphere of their lives. All so that folks are too busy trying to keep their homes, jobs, and basic necessities of living, to busy to rise up and throw the traitors, crooks and tyrants out. Long enough to impose such a level of tyranny it is next to impossible to fight the leviathan monstrosity of government without resorting armed revolt.

Fairy Dust-Revisited

I decided to repost this one.  It's from when I first started the blog up. 

Here is a helpful bedtime book to go to sleep.

Hit the link below and see what kind of fairy dust catches your eye.


Sometimes it helps to have some fairy dust in your back pocket....

For emergencies

وأنا لم تقدم

Official List Of Words Feds Monitor On Social Networking Sites

Compliments of Curtis

If you are inclined to, copy and paste the naughty words below into your e-mail, then send it to everyone in your e-mail list and have them pass it on to every one in their e-mail list and so on. If you have a Facebook page, post it on Facebook and get your friends to do the same:

Terrorism Al Qaeda (all spellings) Terror Attack Iraq Afghanistan Iran Pakistan Agro Environmental terrorist Eco terrorism Conventional weapon Target Weapons grade Dirty bomb Enriched Nuclear Chemical weapon Biological weapon Ammonium nitrate Improvised explosive device IED (Improvised Explosive Device) Abu Sayyaf Hamas FARC (Armed Revolutionary Forces Colombia) IRA (Irish Republican Army) ETA (Euskadi ta Askatasuna) Basque Separatists Hezbollah Tamil Tigers PLF (Palestine Liberation Front) PLO (Palestine Liberation Organization Car bomb Jihad Taliban Weapons cache Suicide bomber Suicide attack Suspicious substance AQAP (AL Qaeda Arabian Peninsula) AQIM (Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb) TTP (Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan) Yemen Pirates Extremism Somalia Nigeria Radicals Al-Shabaab Home grown Plot Nationalist Recruitment Fundamentalism Islamist Emergency Hurricane Tornado Twister Tsunami Earthquake Tremor Flood Storm Crest Temblor Extreme weather Forest fire Brush fire Ice Stranded/Stuck Help Hail Wildfire Tsunami Warning Center Magnitude Avalanche Typhoon Shelter-in-place Disaster Snow Blizzard Sleet Mud slide or Mudslide Erosion Power outage Brown out Warning Watch Lightening Aid Relief Closure Interstate Burst Emergency Broadcast System Cyber security Botnet DDOS (dedicated denial of service) Denial of service Malware Virus Trojan Keylogger Cyber Command 2600 Spammer Phishing Rootkit Phreaking Cain and abel Brute forcing Mysql injection Cyber attack Cyber terror Hacker China Conficker Worm Scammers Social media