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Apr 19, 2012

Mr. Holder...You Can't Handle the Truth

Rebellion runs strong in our veins

Don't let the blood of our forefathers be in vain.

Rebellion runs strong in our veins.

Sam and Curtis have good posts on this glorious day in history.

2 Lufkin dental employees charged with stealing tooth gold

Times is hard.

Lufkin Police have arrested two dental employees accused of stealing dental gold from their employers and selling it to gold buyers.

The buyer said, "This gold was unlike the previous dental gold that we had previously purchased. The previous gold had been separated from the porcelain and this gold had not. There was a particular piece that still had a tooth in it. The tooth still had blood on it."

Bacon on the Hoof

Feral hogs are a menacing problem across Texas, and the folks at Wulf Outdoor Sports are making an organized effort to do something about it. The company’s 2nd Annual Wild Hog Round-Up set for April 11-21 is offering big prize money to registered contestants who remove the most and biggest hogs in a 20-county area across East Texas.

Wulf Sports Wild Hog Roundup.

The only thing missing is a smoker going at the weigh in's.

Last year they removed 700+ hogs on this contest.  With the spring rains that we have had, it's gonna be a bumper crop of hogs this year.

Main prize is $10k

The pig problem here in East Texas and through out the state is bad.  Last year alone they did $400M in damages to property.

The city of Center, Tx has ponied up $5k to whoever kills the most pigs in Shelby county.

Here is the score so far as of this morning.