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Oct 31, 2011

Banks Working With NSA and Defense Contractors

Tell us something we didn't already know.

via Public Intelligence

The National Security Agency, a secretive arm of the U.S. military, has begun providing Wall Street banks with intelligence on foreign hackers, a sign of growing fears of financial sabotage.

Keeping Bee's

I am considering try my hand at bee keeping.

I'm still researching, but I will probably start with a single stack of hives.

This will just be for family use.  But.....it could branch.  Besides, honey is liquid gold in a SHTF deal.

If anyone has any ideas, tip, or advise.  Please let me know.


We Would Like to Thank Our Sponsors ;)

via BG

The 99%: Official list of Occupy Wall Street’s supporters, sponsors and sympathizers:

Communist Party USA
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American Nazi Party
Sources: Media MattersAmerican Nazi PartyWhite HonorSunshine State News

Ayatollah Khamenei, Supreme Leader of Iran
Sources: The GuardianTehran TimesCBS News

Barack Obama
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The government of North Korea
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Louis Farrakhan, Nation of Islam
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Revolutionary Communist Party
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David Duke
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Joe Biden
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Hugo Chavez
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Revolutionary Guards of Iran
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Black Panthers (original)
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Socialist Party USA
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US Border Guard
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Industrial Workers of the World
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Nancy Pelosi
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Communist Party of China
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International Bolshevik Tendency
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White Revolution
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International Socialist Organization
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PressTV (Iranian government outlet)
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Marxist Student Union
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Freedom Road Socialist Organization
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Party for Socialism and Liberation
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Po-Po the Felon

Let the below from TTAG sink in.  Then you realize, "just how many more cities is this happening in"  and then the BIG light bulb turns on.

After a group of off-duty Milwaukee cops kicked the crap out of Frank Jude, Jr. in 2004, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinal stumbled on the fact that one of the cops involved – the one the federal judge hearing the cases designated the worst of the lot – had a priors before joining the force. When the paper asked the department for a list of other officers on the force who had criminal records, they were given the brush-off. Those records didn’t exist and they weren’t about to start collecting them. So the men and women patrolling the streets of Milwaukee, enforcing laws and employing the use of deadly force when necessary, are held to a lower standard than your average school teacher, bank teller or day care worker…

It's a Choice!!!!!

This is a PRIVATE Christian university.  They hire people that will teach the ethos of the school.  They are entering into a contract and as such that is one of the employment conditions/clauses.

I support this school 100%.

Being a dick sucker, mud bandit, rump ranger, carpet muncher, etc is not a disease.  You are not born with it.  It is a lifestyle CHOICE!!!!!!!!!!

Hell the musloids chop people's heads off if they do it.  Why aren't all the bleeding heart liberals crying about that???????

Choices.  They choose for you not to work there if you do not support their views.  GOOD.

Link to Video
A private Georgia university is reportedly requiring its employees to sign a statement indicating they are not gay or face termination.

Shorter University, a private Christian university in Rome, Ga., is forcing its 200 employees to sign a "personal lifestyle statement" rejecting pre-martial sex, adultery and homosexuality or risk getting fired, WSB-TV reports.

"Our goal is not to offend people," Don Dowless, the school's president, told the station. "Our goal is to declare who we are."

Dowless said if employees indicate a preference for any sexual activity "not agreeable with the Bible," they will be terminated.

"I think that anybody who adheres to a lifestyle that is outside of what the Biblical mandate is -- what the board has passed, including the president -- would not be allowed to continue here," he told the station.
Dowless reportedly says the pledge is legal because the private university does not receive any federal funding.

Some Shorter University students, however, claim the requirement is a form of discrimination.

"Who is one person to judge what somebody else does?" said one student, who spoke anonymously to the station. "It's none of their business."  (RT:  if you don't like it, don't go to a school that has those values.  Other than that STFU)

Students are reportedly not being asked to sign the pledge.

South: SC sheriff to citizens: "Carry a concealed weapon"

"How fast can you can get the barrel of your gun back on the target?"

via Free North Carolina & The Bonnie Blue Blog
He said Lance "doesn't fight police or men folk -- he just goes after women." He said Lance is not married because, "No woman can stay married to him because he beats them down too much."

Wright said, "It's too bad someone with a concealed weapons permit didn't walk by. That would fix it." He said people are tired of doing the right thing and criminals getting away with their actions.

He said several times, "I want you to get a concealed weapons permit."Wright said, "I'm tired of looking at victims saying, 'There's life after this' … I'm tired of saying, 'We're sorry, we can't keep them in jail.
'"Wright said in his view, gun control is, "How fast can you can get the barrel of your gun back on the target?"
He encouraged women to walk in groups, and he ended by saying again, "I want you to get a concealed weapons permit. Don't get Mace. Get a firearm."

And then he said, "I think I better stop before I get sanctioned."

Solar Water Distiller

This nifty devise produces up to 5l/day. Might not be bad to have as a back up.

via Global Guerrillas

Milan-based designer Gabriele Diamanti's "Eliodomestico" solar-powered eco-distiller was recently selected as one of 12 finalists for the Prix Émile Hermès 2011. The small, vat-like still is made entirely from terracotta and zinc-plated metal sheets, and, in keeping with the Italian designer's intention for "Eliodomestico" to be completely open source, "it's designed to be produced (and eventually repaired) by local craftsmen."

An "Oh Sh!t" Moment

This is one of those moments where....well you know.

Don't you just hate it when you're paragliding through the Indian Himalayas and some eagle comes along and fucks your shit up? I know I do. But this Ruskie handles it like a champ. One reserve chute deployment and a hard landing later, all is well. Even the eagle survives.


A Beacon for Everyone

Another "Beacon" of the alternative energy goes down in flames.

How many more of these do we get to read about.

Maybe a little application of tar & feathers wouldn't be to far out of line????

Second Energy Department-backed company goes bankrupt

A Massachusetts company that received a $43 million Energy Department loan guarantee last year filed for bankruptcy Sunday, a step certain to fuel criticism of federal green energy financing in the wake of the solar company Solyndra’s collapse.

Beacon Power had received federal loan guarantee to help build an energy storage plant in Stephentown, New York that began operating in January. The Treasury Department’s Federal Financing Bank provided the loan.

Beacon sought bankruptcy protection two days after the White House ordered an independent 60-day evaluation of the Energy Department's loan programs aimed at ensuring effective management and monitoring.

Imagine that...2 days fter a review of the DOE loan guarantee, they decide they can't handle it.

Oscar the IED

At a time when Amerika is struggling with these massive payoff's, scandal rocked pResident, crazy inflation & more...

We bring you this to a region far away that hasn't changed in 1400 years with how they act.

Jihad Sesame Street
The TV show has a new cast of local characters led by a vivacious 6-year-old girl named Rani who loves cricket and traditional Pakistani music. Her sidekick, Munna, is a 5-year-old boy obsessed with numbers and banging away on Pakistani bongo drums, or tabla.

The U.S. is bankrolling the initiative with $20 million, hoping it will improve education in a country where one-third of primary school-age children are not in class. Washington also hopes the program will increase tolerance at a time when the influence of radical views is growing.

Yep Oscar's trash can is really a IED.

UPDATE:  11:25am

Imagine what would happen is Bert & Ernie were boyfriends?

Saudi Arabia: Footage Surfaces of “Sorcerer” Being Publicly Beheaded…

Palestinians Granted Membership in U.N.

It's gonna get real interesting with this tidbit of news.  Watch for the fur to fly.

Palestinians Granted Membership in U.N.

 The U.N. cultural agency approved a request to admit Palestine as a full member, a highly divisive bid that's part of the Palestinians' broader push for greater international recognition.

U.S. lawmakers have threatened to withhold some $80 million in funding to UNESCO if it approves Palestinian membership.