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Oct 11, 2011

Peanut Butter

Looks like the rise in food prices are already taking off.  I mentioned it this morning.

It's already here and it will get worse.

Failing Peanut Harvest

The price this year for a ton of Runner peanuts, which are used to make peanut butter, is about $1,150, according to the Department of Agriculture.

This time last year a ton cost just $450.

The price rises are said to be down to hot weather decimating this year's crop of peanuts.

In total, just 38 per cent of the peanut crop was rated good or excellent last month - down 60 per cent on last year

The price of peanut butter is set to soar after scorching weather ruined this year's crop of peanuts.

All the industry's leading brands will reportedly be upping prices by next month - with some jars going up by more than a third.
Projected cost increases.

Jif - 30 per cent
Peter Pan - 24 per cent
Skippy - Up to 35 per cent
Planters - 40 per cent

Here is a link with mucho data on current harvest rates for corn, soybeans and other crops that are interactive
AgWeb harvest Data & Maps

News related to the rising cost of corn & beans as the market anticipated the USDA report due out tomorrow.

Stupidity: to the upteenth power

The Math

Thought this was a good ad.

2011 Texas Constitutional Amendments-proposed

For those Texans who read here.

Read below for the upcoming constitutional amendments being proposed on voting.

This is a verbatim posts and I have added no notes or comments.

2011 Constitutional Amendments

On November 8th, 2011, Texans will have the opportunity to vote on 10 proposed amendments to the state’s constitution. Texans for Fiscal Responsibility offers our views and recommendations.

Doin What it Takes

via the Great Ann Barnhardt

Reaping What We Sow

Garden Serf has a very important post concerning the storage of grain reserves and how most of the world has moved away from storing grain to just in time delivery.
 While China expands its grain reserve, the USA relies on Just in Time Delivery and good luck from year to year. This is another example of the complete lack of foresight among what sadly passes for modern leadership in America. Meanwhile, with the help of USAID even little Rwanda is making plans for a reserve:

I grew up farming row crop and most of the land around us was cropland.  Now days that amount has decreased by 40% to make way for subdivisions, planned communities, strip malls, or the dreaded CRP land

What a joke.  Fed Gov pays you to leave your producing land fallow to keep the prices up.

I moved from that area in 1984 and at that time both sides of the family were farming about 4000 ac of land.  Present day, that is down to one side of the family and to about 500 ac.  Of the family that is still living in that area of Indiana, it seems that none want to continue the family tradition.  people don't want to do the hard work it takes and throw in the skyrocketing cost of equipment, up keep, seed, fert, etc.  Well we have cut our own throats.

In a day where we need to be stockpiling all that we can, the globalists are busy making sure that we can not be self reliant.  There is a systemic problem in the  USA with the destruction of grain elevators and other grain storage areas.

Winter is approaching in North America. I hope you’re making plans. I am. The grain silo in the town where I grew up has been slated for demolition. And, it wasn’t because the farmland was paved over. Production is still as good as ever. TPTB just determined it would be better to store the harvest farther away at a different rail terminal until it was transported elsewhere. The gears are already turning in my head about the many long winters ahead in the 2000-teens.
 We once held the largest strategic reserves of grain and the countries of the world came to us to buy when they had a bad harvest.  But just like Garden Serf states above, there are many of the countries grain storage facilities that are being slated for demo.

Some have said that the world is just one poor harvest away from chaos and it seems a number of countries are now taking this literally

So this winter look for food prices to go through the roof and maybe even  critical shortages given the drought we are having in Texas and most of the southern states and the flooding the upper Midwest.  Both regions are critical producers of main staple grains.