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Mar 23, 2013

That American Ingenuity

We Americans are a different breed that rest of the World.

We are a nation founded on telling .gov's to kiss our ass.

We are a nation where anyone can be prosperous and have a successful small business.

Today I saw that in motion again.

I hauled the oldest broiler project (50 birds) out to be processed.  We used the same guy as last year and he has expanded.

Last year he processed around 2500 birds @ $2.50 ea.  He had two other guys helping him.

This year he has 8 people working for him and he said he was looking at doing 5500+ birds @ $3.15 ea. (broilers)

They were doing chickens, quail & turkeys.

Do the math for a little side job that last 1 month.  Yep, plus he had 4 college kids working for experience for school as well.

An idea is all it takes....

And the tyrants want to kill it.