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Jan 16, 2014

2A Rally in Beaumont, Tx to support local man and Liberty

Derrick Poe was charged in late December '13 for openly & legally carrying his AR thru the Parkdale Mall to his tactical store.
The local uniformed thugs confiscated his rifle for thier "investigation" of the legally carrying the weapon in a "threatening manner".
Beaumont Police Sgt. Rob Flores told the Houston Chronicle that Poe turned himself in on Friday after the district attorney’s office issued a warrant for his arrest. The mall incident occurred on Dec. 28.  Flores said authorities got calls from shoppers who said they were “very afraid,” “terrified” and “thought they were going to die.”

OMG...the horror of someone able to protect themselves and others who will not shred your Liberties.

Now there is a new twist...

The ownwer of a hobby store in the mall saw questioned the mall owners after they threw up the 30-06 signage (no weapons allowed shit here in Texas).  They owners, a Ohio company, said if you don't like our decision then leave the mall.

There was also a substantial decrease in traffic and sales at her store and other stores as the public protests the mall's decision.
“This was like a knee-jerk reaction, and all of a sudden the signs came up, no warning to tenants, no warning to customers, nothing,” says Cherilyn Mitchell of Remote Control Hobbies.  “On average, we write about 150 tickets a day and we're down to just 2 tickets per day,” she says. “So, because of the protest that's going on, we're losing business, and we're not the only merchant that's losing business in this mall

So leaving the mall is what she is doing no matter the cost.

There is now a 2A rally planned in Beaumont on 18JAN14 to show support of Derrick Poe and stand up to those who infringe.

It will be at Gander Mountain parking lot from 1100-1400.