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Nov 8, 2011


Maybe somebody doing some testing?

Kauai airport odor that sickened 10 TSA screeners

LIHUE, Hawaii — Authorities are investigating what caused an odor that sickened about 10 screeners at Kauai's airport, prompting its closure for several hours.
The Lihue airport reopened Thursday night after tests for toxic or hazardous substances came up negative.
Transportation Security Administration spokesman Nico Melendez said Friday the employees have been given a clean bill of health and TSA will continue working with local authorities to determine the cause of the incident.
A state transportation spokesman says TSA screeners at the main security checkpoint experienced headaches, dizziness, nausea and vomiting.

Texas Rialroad Commission Votes to Let Workers to Carry Guns on Job

Saw this today.  The Railroad Commission doesn't do anything with trains here in Texas, it's all oil & gas.

So will this be a good thing, or will it lead to a big head syndrome & repercussions?

Texas Agency Votes to Workers to Carry Guns on Job

The Railroad Commission of Texas has voted to allow employees to pack a weapon while carrying out agency business.

Spokesman Casey Haney said the commission on Tuesday approved a policy change that will allow workers who can legally carry a concealed handgun in Texas to have their weapons on the job.

Commissioner Barry Smitherman says employees often work alone in desolate areas where they could encounter criminals or dangerous wild animals.

The commission's primary purpose is to approve and oversee the permitting of oil and gas wells. It has no oversight of railroads.