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Nov 13, 2012

Cats & Holla Stumps filled with Spunk

Y'all need to get ur mind outta the gutter with the title.  :)

The title involves an ol' time remedy for arthritis.
Take a dead cat into the woods to a hollow stump that has spunk in it. Twirl the cat overhead and then toss the cat to the south. Walk away north but do not look back.
 There are many more that are just as hilarious and some that are revolting.

Hit the link and laugh and gain some useful info as some of them do work form my past experience & my lovely wife's.

Allies & Enemies

Another major piece is toppled.

This one by the town crier from Patraeusville.

Their strategy is simple. 

Eliminate the enemy.

They have no need to mask their moves any more.

Have you considered your moves and counters?

Its almost to late for this.