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Aug 24, 2012

Weekend DIY Projects

Do you need to make some improvements to your castle? 

Having problems with nosy & intrusive neighbors trying to see what you're doing? 

Throwing trash in your yard?  (pg. 2-6)

This little book along with the solid & real easy to understand advice from Treaded & Mosby can be the edge you need to live another day.

Type it...and they will come

One notch at a time.

So slow and gentle you won't know when your dead.

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Chinese Humpty Dumpty

Remember that bridge destined for San Francisco being built in China???

Here is a roadway they built.

At least three people were killed and five injured when this motorway bridge in Heilongjiang province in north east China collapsed today sending four huge trucks crashing 100ft to the ground below.

The bridge collapse is one of a number of horrifying accidents on China's expanding road and rail networks in recent years - leading to fears that safety is being sacrificed for the speed of construction.
Four trucks crashed to the ground, crushing there occupants and sending their loads spilling across the ground.