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Nov 19, 2012

Old Mac Donald's Adventures

Many of us who have livestock know what kind of hunmor we sometimes see.

We have 3 Cayuga ducks ( a brown crested hen, black and a gray drake) that we bought for the girls as a Easter gift and to have some yummy duck eggs.  Turns out we got two drakes and 1 hen.

Ours looks really similar, except the tuft is more to one side

The hen is comical.  She is a crested Cayuga and her top knot is cocked off to the side.  So the girls decided she was a gansta duck as in the gangsters in the 20 & 30's who cocked their hats to one side.

So, I was sitting there this morning drinking my coffee and and I kept hearing a vibrating tapping on the front screen door.

I open the door to see what all the noise is and there is the black drake, knocking on the door because they want some morning scratch.

This black drake also tries to correct our little mini weinie dog.  It'll take off after het flying as she runs form him.  When he catches her, he grabs her by the ear and just goes to making all kinds of racket.

At the same time sometimes she get twisted around and grab him by the neck and grow a little, then they go on their merry way.

Last Saturday, we went to the local sale barn to look for mules.  We wound up buying a yearling jenny donkey for $20 to train as a pack animal.

So we put her in the goat barn and leave her in there all night so she can adjust to her new surroundings and get to know the goats thriough the gate.

One of our goats is an old doe, she is 250lb+ and is a bully, decides she wants to show how big she is and butts the gate all night.  So the next morning I decide to see how well they will get along.  I run the white bully doe in with the donkey.

Well it was rodeo time.

I about got the shit beat outta me before I could drag the goat out because the donkey had got her cornered and was grabbing her by the scruff of the neck and tossing her around and trying to stomp her.

By that afternoon, they were all getting along like nothing happened.

Crazy damn animals.

Yep..living on a farm is one big adventure.