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Aug 7, 2012

Oct 7, 1780-The Battle of Kings Mountain

On this day in 1780 the battle of Kings Mountain, NC was fought.

American patriots achieved a huge victory over larger Loyalist forces.

This battle lasted only 65 minutes.

It's not over until it is.

With out hope, there is no tomorrow.

Date Saturday, October 07, 1780
Weather ~22 `F, winds 13knots
Location Near Blackburn, SC and King's Mountain, NC

Great Britain

The US Colonies

Belligerents Loyalists United States
Commanders Patrick Ferguson James Johnston, John Sevier, William Campbell
Casualties Force: 1200
Killed: 290
Wounded: 163
Captured: 668
Force: 900
Killed: 29
Wounded: 58
Captured: 0